Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Euphoria

I listen. A symphony of sound floods my ears, my brain, my veins: my entire being becomes one with the music—flowing back and forth with the tempo, movement, and intensity of the song. I breathe in deeply through my nostrils, close my eyes, and let the music permeate my soul.

The music starts. The pianist lightly tickles the keys: the treble notes ascend into the airwaves. Two Spanish guitars follow: one trills, the other plucks a short melody. They crescendo, then cease. Mid-range piano octaves follow, setting a mysterious mood—the minor key of the song is plainly obvious by now. The piano, accompanied by the nylon string guitar, decrescendos into near silence, like glowing embers fading into darkness—I hold my breath.

The bass guitar begins. Like a heartbeat, its rhythm pulses deep within layers upon layers of sound. Then boom! A wave of sound crashes violently, yet elegantly into my ears. The violins, violas, and cellos sway, like reeds in a current. The nylon stringed guitar follows their lead, but diverges in its own path. A lone violin wails over them all, crying out as if in tears. A harsh baritone male voice sings. Counter point melodies rise and fall among a chorus of violins. The lone violin continues its heartfelt weeping. The undercurrent of violas and cellos dances to and fro without a worry. The guitar riffs, teasingly lighthearted. The solemn bass beats beneath them all.

A beautiful male tenor voice sings, low and lamenting, building tension until a passionate outburst, pained and powerful. The orchestra builds with him until his vocal eruption, when the violins begin quick runs up and down the minor scale. The tenor sings along with an eerie melody. The piano adds to the tidal wave of sound with hailing treble and thundering bass.

The guitar plays a mournful riff. A solitary violin gently weeps. Another joins, then another. Dissonance grows. The lonely violin climbs the chromatic scale and brays upon the last note as the rest of the strings crescendo into the grand finale.

A storming symphony sounds forth! The harsh baritone, the mourning tenor, the elevated beating of the bass, the furious piano, the haunting chorus of voices in harmony with the two leads, the braying trumpets, the pulsating string section all come together in a torrential outburst of harmonious passion. The torrent culminates in the song's end. I am left with goose bumps, pins and needles through my entire body, and a smile on my face.


Tay Darramont said...

I figure I'm probably not supposed to ask, but I can't help it. What song were you describing?

Gabriel Gethin said...

The song roughly follows El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. Try listening to the song (the soundtrack version) while reading the essay. It makes for an interesting experience.