Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn...

...And I promise you, Breaking Dawn is coming. For all of you who are fans of the Dark Knight, I'm sorry. This post isn't about the Dark Knight. I only used the quote from it because I was in the mood for a pun. The topic that this post truly concerns is the upcoming release of Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn (insert drama music here).

Now, I am in fact a fan of the series. I enjoyed the first three books quite a bit but looking back, I have found that there are as many problems with the book as there are reasons to love it. I would like to hear your thoughts about the new book.

For example, do you think it's worth the hype?

Are you excited for it or do you just not really care?

Do you obsessively check Stephanie Meyers' website to read the Breaking Dawn quote of the day?

Are you going to even buy the book?

Do you think that (being the final book of the series) Breaking Dawn will be her best book yet or that it'll just crash and burn because she didn't work as hard knowing that all her true fans would buy the book simply because it is the final sequel?

Leave any and all thoughts, comments, or reactions regarding the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn

Yours Truly,
Gabriel Gethin "The Pale One"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Semi-Charmed Life

During the summer going into high school, I attempted to celebrate my fifteenth birthday. I woke up that morning feeling slightly nauseous. I told my parents to cancel the party. (That is, if you can actually call a gathering of nine people with the common purpose of saying happy birthday to me a party) The party was cancelled and I laid in bed the entire day reading books, listening to classical music, and playing my piano. It was the first of many days spent this way…

As it turned out, the slight nausea was only the beginning of my sickness. It began to worsen as the days went by. The feelings of nausea grew in intensity for about a month and then ceased suddenly. I thought I was cured. I thought wrong. It turned out that it was only the beginning of something much bigger.
Practically overnight, my eating habits changed dramatically. Before my fifteenth birthday, I was a vegetarian. After my fifteenth birthday, I hated the taste of everything but meat. I began to eat chicken, steak, and pork every meal. It bewildered my parents completely. Little did they know what the future had in store.

Not long after, I began to get skin rashes if I stayed out in the sun for too long. Over time, they would appear quicker and grow worse very rapidly. I began to avoid sunlight all together. I was once again, spending all my days in my house reading books, listening to classical music, and playing my piano.

Over time, my eyes became accustomed to the low levels of light in my room. I began to see better in darkness than in light. My eyes became constantly dilated, allowing me to see very well in the dark but made it impossible for me to venture outside without wearing powerful sunglasses. I began to sleep during the day, and live life at night.

One night, I walked to the bay with my copy of Wuthering Heights, sat on the railing, and stared at the stars. Out of the blackness of space, I saw a shooting star. When it disappeared into the night again I heard the small sound of a footstep behind me. It turned out to be Twyla, my long-lost evil cousin. She told me about the 3 evil cousins and that I was one of them.

The rest is history.

Evilly yours,
Gabriel Gethin