Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn...

...And I promise you, Breaking Dawn is coming. For all of you who are fans of the Dark Knight, I'm sorry. This post isn't about the Dark Knight. I only used the quote from it because I was in the mood for a pun. The topic that this post truly concerns is the upcoming release of Stephanie Meyer's Breaking Dawn (insert drama music here).

Now, I am in fact a fan of the series. I enjoyed the first three books quite a bit but looking back, I have found that there are as many problems with the book as there are reasons to love it. I would like to hear your thoughts about the new book.

For example, do you think it's worth the hype?

Are you excited for it or do you just not really care?

Do you obsessively check Stephanie Meyers' website to read the Breaking Dawn quote of the day?

Are you going to even buy the book?

Do you think that (being the final book of the series) Breaking Dawn will be her best book yet or that it'll just crash and burn because she didn't work as hard knowing that all her true fans would buy the book simply because it is the final sequel?

Leave any and all thoughts, comments, or reactions regarding the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn

Yours Truly,
Gabriel Gethin "The Pale One"


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have to say I found Eclipse to be a disappointment. Breaking Dawn can either continue from there or improve it, or possibly even get worse. The jury's still out.
I didn't buy the whole choice thing, because if you'd read the other books it was completely obvious what was coming. I think Eclipse could've basically been a decent subplot, and it might have been better in three books. I mean, I haven't read the fourth so I dunno, but whatever.

And the hype's kind of ridiculous. Then again, I like my awesome relatively obscure, so I won't exactly say there's books more deserving of it, but there's ones that are better.

Honestly, I kind of cringe every time I see the words "Breaking Dawn." I really need to get out of these Twilight conversations and stop talking about it.
That said, I wrote an essay/post for the release date. Because I'm a liar. In my defense, it has the word "hate" in the title. Still. I make here my vow that that will be the LAST time I mention Twilight on the web. I will not participate in any more discussions. It's exhausting.

And I think I'll get it from the library, because I'm going to at least read it. Doubt I'll buy it.

Medeia said...

*sigh*... The whole Twilight series is so hyped up that it's almost absurd. To tell the truth, I'm getting pretty tired of the whole thing. I'll snag a copy from the library, and then if it's really good I might buy it. Probably not though... I rarely buy books and when I do they have to be fantastic *coughLittleBrothercough*

Twyla Lee said...

I thought TWILIGHT was worth all the hype after I had just finished it. But as I continue to read the books, I don't particularly see a reason. How can you love characters that are so...flat? and a heroine that is so...unnaturally klutzy/reckless and lacks a personality?

I am excited for BREAKING DAWN though. I'm almost finished with NEW MOON, I'm very curious how Stephenie Meyer will continue to write with her shallow characters. So, obviously, I'm going to buy the book so I can read/review it.

Patiently waiting and yours,
Twyla Lee

B. said...

Medeia took the words right out of my… brain.

Khyrinthia said...

I'm buying a copy of Breaking Dawn on midnight Saturday because I'm such a fangirl, but I don't think its worth the hype. It's really not that amazing and Edward is disgusting. I hate him. He needs a dermatologist. But yet, I am still a crazed fangirl.

And I hate how everyone compares it to Harry Potter and calls Stephenie Meyer the next JK Rowling. Twilight shall never surpass Harry Potter. Harry Potter will forever be a million times better than Twilight.

And I hate how in all these articles they interview other girls and the girls always say "Edward sooooo perfect and hot omgsh I have really high expectations from guys now because Edward is just soooooo perfect and like the ideal man." I want to find those girls and yell at them to put some sense into them. Wouldn't do any good though. They'd hurt me for insulting Edward.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree that Harry Potter is superior to Twilight, but I think some comparisons are fair. Not in style or quality, but in level of success---it's not exagerrating to say that Twilight is the biggest YA book since HP, and the most hyped midnight releasey one. Not worth the hype, perhaps, but recieving it nonetheless.

Reese said...

Breaking Dawn broke my heart. I went to the midnight party. I screamed like the fangirl I am. I played Twilight Pictionary, but what Steph did just killed me.

Twyla Lee said...

I feel very disspointed and sickened over Breaking Dawn too. I haven't read the book and I don't plan to anymore either.

Dissapointedly yours,
Twyla Lee

Medeia said...

Maybe we should just talk about the Dark Knight instead... much less heartbreaking/disappointment-inducing/nauseating than Breaking Dawn appears to be.

Elaine said...

I check back ALL the time to see the quotes of the day, it kind of makes a mini story of it's own. I personally think the book totally deserves all the hype. It was for sure the best in the series. I bought it the day it came out and read it every spare moment I had, and I mean EVERY SPARE MOMENT. I would read a page just to get closer to the finish, I do have to say thought that this is the only book in the series that I could put down and not feel like reading but that doesn't mean it wasn't my favorite it just means I'm more focused on my life, which is usually only reading. I'm surprised I was able to keep it out of my mind for even a second.