Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My life has Become a Boring Pop Song and Everybody is Singing Along

Well, once again summer has come and gone. Leaving us all with those September blues. We must all now go back to school and resume the dull, dragging, daily routine of our lives. Which brings me to the reason I am making this post. 

Is life better when there is no structure? Is it better to live life day to day not knowing what the rising sun will bring and what the rising moon will end? Is it better to just go with the flow? OR (the "or" is capitalized because it is a very "big" "or" and it is a very crucial conjunction). OR is it better to live life with structure? Is it better to have everyday scheduled and to know exactly what you will be spending your time doing and who you will be spending your time with?

Have fun debating

Arguably yours,
Gabriel Gethin


B. said...

(to Harvey Dent) "They're schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds… You were a schemer. You had plans. And, uh… look where that got you."

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? …You know… I just do things."
-The Joker

It's easier to be happy if you don't have plans.

lunaeclipse1210 said...

i enjoy a structured life where I change the plans. ME starting with a square piece of clay...and then fixing it, bending it and twisting it to make it wonderful. Soo can the structure of life ever fall and be broken? Of course. And that's exactly how I like to live mine.

Nelly said...

I think life needs a good amount a both. You can't have everything planned out because that leaves no room for surprises. And what would life be without a good shocker here and there?

But at the same time structure includes things like goals and plans for the future. If you don't have any plans, long or short term, then there's nothing to work for or hope for and life would start to seem more and more meaningless.

Yours Truly said...

Plots almost never turn out as the plotter plans them.You of all people should know that by now. Trooper Cordell

Gabriel Gethin said...

Oh yes, so true. So undeniably and inevitably true.