Friday, January 2, 2009

Lifeless Entertainment

The title of this blog is an example of a paradox. A paradox is a statement that, at first glance, appears false or contradictory, but when further investigated may prove true. Lifeless implies something dull, boring, and mundane. While entertainment implies excitement, frivolity, and merriness. So how can entertainment be lifeless! Well, let's look into it more. Is television entertainment? I should hope so! They don't call TVs and gaming systems home entertainment systems for nothing! Now, is television sometimes lifeless? Personally, I think so. When nothing is on, it gets rather dull. When you're playing a video game that you've beaten once, twice, maybe even three times. It gets really boring! So clearly, entertainment can be lifeless. Which brings me to the following request. I want you to think of as many paradoxes as you can. When you think of a good one, tell me it. Comment this post. I want to see what kind of crazy, illogical things you can think up (as well as enlightening philosophic ideas. They're fun too.) If I like some of them, perhaps I will write a post elaborating on them (in one form or another).